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RBA On Summer Holiday as the Perth property market remains subdued – Matt Garmony, Licensed Valuer

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

The Financial Review reported the RBA is content with its current interest rate policy and moderate inflation as it takes a break over the Christmas period, however is moderately concerned about the European Soverign Debt crisis. If inflation grows in early 2011, we believe there may be further interest rate rises in early to mid 2011, which may continue the subdued property market conditions. The only positive factor is economist are predicting low unemployment and housing shortages which may have a positive influence on the property market.

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RBA leaves cash rate unchanged at 4.75% – Matt Garmony, Licensed Valuer

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

The RBA decided to leave the cash interest rate unchanged at 4.75% after the major lenders lifted their rates higher than the RBA’s 25 basis point rise last month. The RBA Govenor advised that interest rates are more likely to rise and not fall in 2011 as the outlook for the global economy, particularly Asia is for positive growth. In our opinion, potential rising interest rates will continue to produce subdued to slow growth in the residential property markets, with slight increased investment in the commercial sectors.

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RP Data Analysis, Perth Property Prices fall further – Matt Garmony, Licensed Valuer

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Analysts research has indicated Perth’s house prices have continued to fall in October 2010, being the weakest performing Capital City in Australia, falling 1.8% in October and 3.8% over the pervious three months. Other reports have indicated new home building starts have also been falling, which in our opinion, is due to reduced consumer confidence in the global economy, rising interest rates, and uncertainty future interest rate rises. Our forecast is for similar property market conditions in the short term.

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