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Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 in by Matt Garmony

Valuations of churches and other buildings owned by charitable or not for profit organisations are just some of the specialist properties our Licensed Valuers undertake on a regular basis. Historically, churches were located in residential areas. They often included halls and a manse/rectory/parsonage/vicarage (house attached to the church) depending which religion the church was. However obtaining approvals to build a church in a residential area is now more difficult due to noise and parking problems. We are now seeing churches being constructed in commercial and industrial locations. Some of these churches are multi-leveled, multi-use buildings with large auditoriums, class rooms, creche`s, numerous offices, meeting and music rooms and large car parks and children’s play grounds. Smaller church groups often opt to purchase office warehouse units and convert them for their specific use. Our valuers utilise numerous valuation methodologies to determine the market value and in some circumstances, the alternative use values.  If you have a requirement for a valuation of your church or other specialist use property’s, please contact us to see how we can assist you on 08 9474 2220 or