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Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 in by Matt Garmony

Road Widening

The State Government has the power under various legislation to reserve and or resume the whole or part of your land for a public work (roads, railways, parks and recreation, bush forever etc.) Under the Land Administration Act 1997 (LAA) and the Planning & Development Act 2005 (PDA) land owners have a right to claim compensation for the reserved land or land taken for the public work.Our licensed valuers have a wealth of experience in providing compensation valuations and or consultancy advice for dispossessed land owners for a broad range of property types. In addition to providing compensation valuations for residential, commercial and industrial properties, our valuers also have experience with preparing compensation advice and valuations on land taken from caravan parks, sand and gravel quarries, farms, lifestyle properties and service stations.

We recommend affected land owners contact Matt Garmony, Licensed Valuer and Managing Director of Garmony Property Consultants to discuss how he and his team of valuers can provide you with a valuation of your property for compensation purposes based on the various heads of claim under the Land Administration Act.

Matt has a wealth of knowledge on the land compensation process and has provided numerous valuations for a broad range of property types for compensation purposes over the past 15 years. His knowledge of the Land Administration Act 1997 and the various ‘heads of claim’ dispossessed land owners are entitled to, enables him to provide his clients with detailed valuations, not only on the market value of the land (and buildings) taken, but also on the damages caused to the land owner (and the land owners business) as a result of the taking.  The various ‘heads of claim’ under Section 241 of the Land Administration Act are as follows;

If you have been contacted by Main Roads or the Public Transport Authority in regards to a portion of your land being required for a road widening or rail corridor, please contact Matt Garmony of Garmony Property Consultants to discuss your compensation valuation requirements. For more information on Compensation valuations click on this link – Compensation Valuations.