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Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 in by Matt Garmony

Garmony Property Consultants is proud to be a member of Oceanic Property Valuations (OPV) who along with its Partner Firms, form one of the few truly independent national property valuation organisations across Australia.

Garmony Property Consultants are the Western Australian partner firm of Oceanic Property Valuations who provide expert property valuation and consultancy advice in Perth and Western Australia from our Licensed Valuers.

Oceanic Property Valuations (OPV) are a national property valuation company who operate across Australasia and comprises multi-skilled property valuers and professionals with extensive senior property valuation and consulting experience, which specialises in offering independent and impartial property advice to a private, corporate and government client base in a co-ordinated property valuation service across Australasia. Oceanic Property Valuations is not a subsidiary of any firms that have their primary interests in real estate sales and leasing. Accordingly, our clients’ interests always come first. The primary focus of Oceanic Property Valuations is to provide a national business collective that serves the Australian marketplace and to market Oceanic Property Valuations as a leading group of independent valuation practices in Australia to existing and prospective clients.

Please contact Matt Garmony for more information and how we can assist you with your national property valuation requirements or visit Oceanic Property Valuations at for more information.