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Garmony Property Consultants adhere to the Code of Ethics expected of Members of the Australian Property Institute.

1.Compliance with Standards

Members shall at all times observe the requirements of the Code of Ethics, the Rules of Conduct and the Practice Standards and Guidance Notes of the Institute.

2.Professional Duty

It is the duty of Members to render service to clients and employers with fidelity; to practice their vocation with integrity, honour and professionalism; to act impartially and objectively when providing independent advice; and to respect the public interest


A Member shall not accept instructions in a matter where, based on a reasonable objective standard, the Member does not have the competence, skill and/or experience to complete the assignment to the acceptable professional standard in accordance with this Code of Ethics, the Rules of Conduct and the Practice Standards and Guidance Notes of the Institute, unless the assignment is completed in conjunction with a qualified and suitably experienced practitioner.

4.Conflict of Interest

Members shall consider and identify any actual or potential conflict of interest when carrying out their professional duties and shall not act in a manner where such conflict or potential conflict has been identified by the Member or any other interested party unless all interested parties have been made aware of the situation and have consented to the Member continuing the task.


Members must observe the requirements of confidentiality in their dealings with clients and the public.

6.The Profession

Members shall at all times conduct business in a manner befitting their profession and the Rules of Conduct of the Institute in accordance with reasonable public expectations of professional persons.