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About Garmony Property Consultants – Licensed Valuers & Property Valuation Consultants, Perth, Western Australia

Garmony Property Consultants – Licensed Valuers & Property Valuation Consultants Perth was established in 1984 by John Garmony, Licensed Valuer known as valuation firm John Garmony & Associates and immediately became one of Perth’s first and foremost independent property valuation & consultancy firms. Since then, the company’s licensed valuers have acted in a wide range of property valuation consulting situations and have prepared tens of thousands of property valuation reports on numerous property types throughout Perth & Western Australia. In 2006, the company changed it’s name to Garmony Property Consultants with Matt Garmony, Licensed Valuer as Managing Director.

Valuation and property consultancy assignments our licensed valuers have carried out in Perth and Western Australia (WA) have involved government, corporate and private clients, while property valuation work undertaken has included multi-storey office buildings, land sub-divisions, shopping centres, high rise residential properties, suburban commercial and industrial properties, together with a large number of single homes and residences in Perth. Our valuation expertise also extends to specialist property types including, Service Stations and Roadhouses, Marinas, Airports, Recreational facilities, retirement villages, medical centres and childcare centres.

aboutOur licensed valuers based in Perth are recipients of the Australian Property Institute’s Continuing Professional Development Award and Excellence in Property Award and are all Certified Practising Valuers. As part of the professionalism and high standards of Garmony Property Consultants, all valuations are read and authorised for release by either Matt Garmony or John Garmony as a part of our quality control process to ensure the quality of our company’s property valuation and consultancy advice.

Garmony Property Consultants are one of the principal partner valuation firms in Oceanic Property Valuations, a national collective of independent property valuations firms, who can service our clients on the east coast of Australia.