Licensed Valuers & Property Valuation Consultants, Perth, Western Australia
Independent licensed valuers & Property valuation consultants
Established 1984 | Expert Valuation Advice | Licensed Valuers

Garmony Property Consultants Team of licensed Valuers and valuation support staff are here to assist with your enquiry or the progress of an existing assignment.

Our valuation staff have combined experienced of over 80 years in real estate consultancy, with the company being established in 1984. In some circumstances Garmony Property Consultants engage experienced licensed valuers who either specialise in specific specialist areas of property valuation or who are called on to support our team. The Consultant Valuers engaged by us are carefully selected and undergo the same compliance as our regular staff and their work is overseen by our director or senior valuers to maintain our high level of quality.As a mark of our standing in the profession, we are often appointed to act as Arbitrators under the Commercial Arbitration Act to resolve property matters as well as being appointed to provide Determinations by either the President of the Australian Property Institute or by mutual agreement between Landlords and Tenants.