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Market Rent Reviews

Garmony Property Consultants experience in preparing market rental valuations for market rent review purposes is reflected in the large number of Australian Property Institute Rental Determination Presidential appointments. Our licensed valuers are instructed to prepare market rental valuations on a broad range of property types including officesretail shops, industrial office warehouses, ground leases and service stations.  The valuers are also often instructed to prepare, rental valuations for market rental disputes between landlords and tenants, in relation to investment properties for residential, commercial, industrial and specialist property types. Our experienced licensed valuers undertake detailed market research of comparable properties to justify the market rental value adopted in our Market Rental Valuations. For further information, please contact Matt Garmony.

Retail Rental Valuations

The assessment of market rents for retail tenancies is more complicated due to provisions in the Commercial Tenancies (Retail Shops) Agreement Act 1985. There are provisions in this Act that make retail leases and their assessment of the market rent and rent review provisions, different to other commercial tenancies.  The experienced licensed valuers at Garmony Property Consultants can provide you with expert advice on retail rent reviews. For further information about Market Rental Valuations for Market Rent Review purposes, please contact Matt Garmony.

Rental Determinations

A Rental Determination is a report where a licensed valuer is appointed by both the landlord/lessor and the tenant/lessee to determine or award the Market Rent. This joint appointment requires both parties to agree on the single expert valuer and to both sign an instruction letter agreeing to the appointment of the determining valuer. The determining valuer is generally appointed to act as an ‘umpire’ in a rental dispute when the landlord/lessor and tenant/lessee cannot agree on the market rent. The experienced licensed valuers at Garmony Property Consultants can provide you with expert advice on Rental Determinations if there is a dispute over the Market Rent. For further information about Rental Determinations and Rental Valuations and the difference between the two, click here  or contact Matt Garmony.