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Market Rent Reviews

Garmony Property Consultants experience in preparing rental valuations for market rent review purposes is reflected in the large number of Australian Property Institute Rental Determination Presidential appointments their licensed valuers receive on a broad range of property types including but not limited to offices, retail shops, industrial office warehouses, ground leases, service stations, and roadhouses. The valuers are also often instructed to prepare, market rental valuations for market rent disputes between landlords and tenants, in relation to investment properties for residential, commercial, industrial and specialist property types. For further information, please contact Matt Garmony.

Retail Rental Valuations

The assessment of market rents for retail tenancies is more complicated due to provisions in the Commercial Tenancies (Retail Shops) Agreement Act 1985. There are provisions in this act that make retail leases and there assessment of rent and rent review provisions, different to other commercial tenancies. The experienced valuers at Garmony Property Consultants can provide you with expert advice on retail rent reviews.

For further information, please contact Matt Garmony.