Licensed Valuers & Property Valuation Consultants, Perth, Western Australia
Independent licensed valuers & Property valuation consultants
Established 1984 | Expert Valuation Advice | Licensed Valuers

Our Licensed Valuers are all licensed under the Western Australian Land Valuers Licensing Act of 1978, which is regulated by the Western Australian Government’s, Department of Commerce, Consumer Protection Department, requiring an application for renewal every 3 years.

Our professional staff are all members of the Australian Property Institute, who with the Department of Commerce, requires its members to conform with its Code of Conduct and keep up their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points every year to maintain their Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) Status.

Furthermore, all our licensed valuers must maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) status with the Australian Property Institute, which is a minimum of 20 hours of CPD training per year.

As well as being a Licensed Valuer, Matthew Garmony is a Licensed Real Estate and Business Agent, being the holder of a Triennial Certificate. He is also a Certified Development Practitioner (CDP) and a Certified Property Practitioner (CPP) accredited by the Australian Property Institute.


Our valuers are recipients of the Australian Property Institute’s Continuing Professional Development Award and Excellence in Property Award.