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Retrospective Valuations

Retrospective Valuations

With the benefit of our 30 year history, Garmony Property Consultants has the ability and the resources to carry out detailed valuations and consultancy advice for properties at retrospective dates. The need for valuations on properties at dates in the past, arise from Capital Gains Tax and Estate Planning issues along with advice for Litigation and Family Court matters. We have copies of all our valuations dating back to the commencement of our business in 1984 along with archived property related newspapers and journals. Having the benefit of being able to review and utilise the information in these historic reports enables our valuers to provide accurate assessments of properties at retrospective dates to assist our clients with their important property matters.

Popular dates required for Capital Gains Tax Retrospective Valuations

8 May 2012

Up to 8 May 2012, the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) discount of 50% was available to foreign resident individuals who were subject to CGT on taxable Australian property.

Investment Property’s & Principal Place of Residence.

Other dates include when a property owners ‘Principal Place of Residence’ becomes an ‘Investment’ property or vice versa, when a property owners ‘Investment’ property becomes their ‘Principal Place of Residence’.

Please contact our licensed valuers for further information on how we can assist with providing valuations for Capital Gains Tax Purposes or use our On-line Quote pages for a faster valuation quotes.