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Valuation & Property Consultant Services.

Garmony Property Consultants, Licensed Valuers and Property Valuation Consultants provide real estate, appraisal and property valuation consultancy in Perth and Western Australia on a broad range of property types. The need for expert property valuation advice by a specialist property consultant or licensed property valuer can be varied and the Licensed Valuers at Garmony Property Consultants, Perth based valuation office, have industry recognised expertise in preparing expert property valuation and consultancy reports in the Perth metropolitan area and Regional locations throughout Western Australia.

Our licensed valuers often assist owners/landlords or tenants on property disputes and matters where our experience and property expertise can guide them through negotiations by making informed decisions on their complex property matters. We often act as an expert for one of the parties, however are also appointed as single experts to resolve the matter for both parties or for the Family Court of Western Australia. Our licensed valuers expert property advice is required for the following reasons

The licensed valuers at Garmony Property Consultants have extensive experience in the above property related valuation matters across a wide range of commercial, industrial, residential and specialist property types for real estate valuations and property consultancy situations in Perth and Regional locations in Western Australia. Being an independent property valuation company allows both owners/landlords and tenants/lessees the opportunity to acquire important and often sensitive property related decision-making information discretely, avoiding these sensitive company issues being made public. Please contact our senior valuers to discuss how we can assist you.