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Our senior valuers have extensive experience in preparing Expert Witness Valuations for numerous Western Australian Court and Strata Administrative Tribunal matters for Land Compensation, Litigation, Strata Title issues, Rental Valuation disputes, loss of views and diminution in value as a result of infrastructure service corridors and contamination. As an expert witness, our licensed valuers have provided detailed critiques and forensic expert witness valuation reviews for our clients’ complex property matters.  Garmony Property Consultant’s experience and understanding of the court process, eye for detail and broad knowledge of valuation methodologies and industry practices for a wide range of property types, enables us to assist our clients with their litigation proceedings.

Garmony Property Consultants senior valuers have experience and expertise in preparing Expert Witness Valuations for landlord and tenant rental disputes and preparing either Market Rental Valuations on Single Expert Rental Determinations. Our Licensed Valuers also prepare Expert Witness Valuation reports for litigation matters before a variety of Western Australian and interstate courts and tribunals. Our licensed valuers based in Perth, are recipients of the Australian Property Institute’s Continuing Professional Development Award and Excellence in Property Award and are all Certified Practising Valuers.

Our Licensed Valuers experience involves providing Expert Witness Valuations for land compensation purposes, acting as either an expert witness or as an advocate for various government, corporate and private clients.  We are regularly appointed by the Western Australian Planning Commission or Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage to value properties for compulsory acquisition and our expert witness valuers also act for numerous private landowners for land that is either being taken compulsorily or is being purchased by government authorities. Our experience in Expert Witness Valuations and property types is broad and has ranged from vacant industrial and residential englobo development sites, residential homes on main roads, waste water treatment plants, caravan parks, plant seedling operations, office warehouse developments, pipeline corridors, drainage and access easements, sand and gravel quarries and compulsory taking of heritage listed retail buildings. This extensive experience allows Garmony Property Consultants to draw on various methodologies and approaches to market value and numerous heads of claim under both the Land Administration Act and the Planning and Development Act. For more information, please contact one our experienced Licensed Valuers or click on this link.